Last updated on 23rd December, 2018

This page contains terms of usage for this site and its services. This are subject to change from time to time and shall be available on this Page.

Terms of Usage

This Page contains the terms of usage for the Website and services rendered from this website. Your usage of this site and its services implies that you have read all the terms listed herein this page and you agree to adherence of these terms.

Usage of this site and services

All the contents available on this site are the literary contents of their respective owners and of only. They are herein for personal usage only. Any copying or reproducing the same is prohibited unless the express consent has been obtained from the respective creator.

Accuracy of Information

We though try to keep the contents as accurate as possible, still there may be certain technical or non-technical accuracy for which neither the creator nor the site owner shall be liable in any manner. Users relying on such information shall use their own consensus and apply their skeptical mind for putting reliance on such information.

However, in case you happen to notice any such incorrect or factually wrong information, you can report back at This shall not guarantee that such content shall be altered in the way requested. It shall be the liberty of the content creators and site owners to update such contents.

Stock Data

Stock data and information are mostly from the XBRL filings by the entities and their accuracy cannot be vouched as they are separately subject to Audits under relevant regulations regulating the entities. We present the data in good faith as it is reported by such entities in their filings. Any investment decisions or trading decisions based on these data is solely the risk of investor only. They are merely presented as it is and for educational purposes only. 

Stock Picks and Analysis Reports

We use advanced algorithms to select and analyse stocks and present reports. All such reports are not to be considered as solicitation for investments. They are presented merely as computations and analytical reports for educational purposes only. Any investment or trading decisions based upon such sole reliance shall be sole responsibility of such investors. It is advised to check data and use it for educational and computational purposes only. 


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website. Neither owners nor the content creators shall be liable for the breach of privacy due to negligence of the users uploading such media files.

Contact Details for Issues

You can always contact us at our mail address for any clarity in the terms or any other issues. However, same shall not absolve you from compliance of these terms. While we do try to reply back within reasonable time, the same cannot be guaranteed.