Terms of Usage

This Page contains terms of usage of this site and its service. These terms can be altered or modified at any time without any intimation to users. Updated terms can always be viewed on this Page. Further, continual usage of this site and its services, implies your adherence to all the terms listed here. Kindly read it carefully.


Use as it is

Services or features of this site are to be used as it is without any un-permitted changes by any users in whatsoever way to cause any harm to the site or its owners.

Indemnity for Losses

In case any harm is done to the site or losses are incurred to the owners due to misusage of the site and its services by the user or through any means, either intentionally or unintentionally user causes harm through damages to the servers, he/she shall be fully responsible to indemnify the losses along with facing any other applicable legal consequences.

Limited Warranty

The services of this site are to be used as it and  its owners do not bear any liability for whatsoever in nature caused due to wrong usage of services or any damages caused to the user's systems or devices. The services are a consequence of the consideration received from users in terms of either monetary considerations or loyalty without any warranty or liability undertaken by the owners.

Dispute Settlement

In case there arises any dispute of whatsoever in nature either having legal consequences or not, users or the concerned party shall intimate the same via email to support@inupdate.com prior to sending any legal notices or making any proceedings for settlement. Any dispute in nature having legal consequences or settlement shall be at the jurisdiction of Disctrict Court of Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh. Arbitration outside of this jurisdiction shall be created only with and explicit consent of the owners only.

Amendment to these Terms

The owners of this site reserve the right to amend or alter or delete or insert any or all clauses present on this page. No prior intimation to users shall  be necessary for such changes, though as a coutesy notifications may be placed from time to time. However, it shall be a matter of courtesy and not a compulsion. All such updated terms shall be placed here on this page. Users shall visit this page regularly and read the terms before using the services. Any continuance of usage shall be implied as acceptance to the clauses mentioned here on this page. Any non-availability of such terms due to technical issues or communication error shall not render such terms as void.

All the latest terms applicable shall be mentioned here on this page. Beside these terms, any specific terms related to specific service of feature shall be made available on such specified pages for such services. They shall have individual or separate enforceability.

Amendment to Privacy  Policies

The terms related to privacy policies can be visited at "Privacy Policy" page whose link  can be derived from the footer of this page. All the terms mentioned therein are the policies applicable as of now and the owners reserve the right to alter or amend or delete or insert any or all policies at any time without prior intimation to users. However, as a courtesy, notifications may be  placed. Though it shall be a mattar of courtesy and not a compulsion.

Refund Policies

For payments received, Refund Policies shall be applicable as mentioned in terms of such specified services. In general the matters of making refunds shall be at the discretion of the owners and user shall not have any explicit right of refund unless the same being granted by the owners.